Prenatal Diagnosis Of A Left Ventricular Aneurysm

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Aortico-Left Ventricular Tunnel: Report of Two Prenatal Cases

Aneurysm a c d b Fig. 1 Case 1: The tunnel defect is seen anterior to the hypoplastic aortic valve a above an aneuris-mal dilatation of the left ventricular outflow tract b. c Echocardiographic image of the left ventricle, right ventricle and the left ventricle aneurysm.

Uhl s anomaly: perspective of fetal echocardiography and

ventricular free wall due to an apposition of the endocardium and epicardium without intervening myocardium, infiltration, or inflammation.5 Uhl s anomaly is a difficult prenatal diagnosis that has been reported.7,8 Bessinger et al reported a fetus at 24 weeks of gestation with marked right heart enlar-

Fetal atrial septal aneurysm: a differential diagnosis of

findings, especially the first, differential diagnosis includes, mainly, causes of severe left side structural heart disease, such as hypoplastic left heart, aortic stenosis/atresia or aortic coarctation, with this last hypothesis being of difficult prenatal exclusion.1 2 In this case, the only cardiac finding, besides the

Prenatal ultrasound diagnosis of fetal giant left ventricular

Fetal ventricular aneurysm is a rare congenital cardiac malformation that can occur in various cardiac cavities and often exists in isolation without other malformations. Modern ultrasound technology can assist the prenatal diagnosis of ventricular aneurysm.

Images in Congenital Cardiac Disease

left ventricular diverticulum The prenatal diagnosis was verified by aneurysm. Later, additional information regarding size, location, and contractility of

Premature Closure or Restriction of the Foramen Ovale

graphic diagnosis of an enlarged right fetal heart. The left atrium and left ventricle were mildly hypoplastic. Sonogra-phy showed a fetus of 38 weeks size with a normal rhythmic heart rate, increased sizes of the right chambers, left bulging of the right atrial and ventricular septal walls, and left bulging

The 18 - 23 weeks scan - Fetal Medicine

Diagnosis The diagnosis of anencephaly during the second trimester of pregnancy is based on the demonstration of absent cranial vault and cerebral hemispheres. However, the facial bones, brain stem and portions of the occipital bones and mid-brain are usually present. Associated spinal lesions are found in up to 50% of cases.

Aortico-left ventricular tunnel: updated perspectives

left ventricular tunnel: report of a case with a 6-year follow-up.27: Cardiol Young 1618-1621. [Crossref] 10. Toganel R, Benedek T, Suteu C, Benedek I (2013) Aneurysmal aorto-left ventricular tunnel causing right ventricular outflow tract obstruction, associated with bicuspid aortic valve. Heart Vessels 30: 140-142. 11.

Coarctation of the Aorta - CHP

left ventricular hypertrophy from chronic left ven-tricular pressure overload. On chest radiograph, a figure of three sign formed by the aortic nob, the stenotic segment, and the dilated poststenotic segment of the aorta suggests CoA. The heart border can be normal or mildly enlarged. Inferior rib notching can also be seen in the third to

Diagnosis and outcome in congenital ventricular diverticulum

Diagnosis Prenatal/postnatal diagnosis 0/8 5/3 3/3 SD, Standard deviation; w, weeks; wg, weeks of gestation; y, years. Abbreviations and Acronyms CVA congenital ventricular aneurysm CVD congenital ventricular diverticulum Surgery for Congenital Heart Disease Marijon et al 434 The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery February 2006 CHD

The Rare Reason of Fetal Cardiomegaly-Prenatal Diagnosis of

heart valves and increased ventricular contractility (left ventricular ejection fraction LVEF = 80%). Doppler examination revealed abnormal reverse flow in the aortic isthmus and descending aorta during diastole (Figure 1). According to the commonly accepted CVPS scale, the condition of the cardiovascular system was

Congenital Right Ventricular Diverticulum Associated With a

fied left ventricular aneurysms and diverticula as annular subvalvar (subaortic and submitral) and apical. Right ventricular aneurysms were divided as outflow tract and apical (6). Thus, we have classified the defect described herein as a right ventricular outflow tract diverticulum. Incidence Congenital ventricular outpouchings are not common.

Recognition of Left Atrial Aneurysm by Fetal Echocardiography

rysmal sac draped over left ventricle, revealing left ventricular epicardium. RAA indicates right atrial appendage; IVC, inferior vena cava. Figure 3. Angiogram with catheter tip in left atrial aneurysm (An). Communication between left atrium (LA) and aneurysm is evident. Left atrial appendage (LAA) is visible superior to and separate from the

Fetal Bifid Left Ventricular Diverticulum Presenting With

congenital left ventricular diverticulum with perinatal dysrhythmia: a case report and review of the literature. Pediatr Cardiol2000;21:175 179. 21. Gembruch U, Steil E, Redel DA, et al: Prenatal diagnosis of a left ventricular aneurysm. Prenat Diag 1990;10: 203 209. 22. Case C, Wiles H, Gillene P, et al: Fetal and neonatal dys-

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9. Jacobson RL, Perez A, Meyer RA, Miodovnik M, Siddiqi TA. Prenatal diagnosis of fetal left ventricular aneurysm: a case report and review. Obstet Gynecol. 1991; 78: 525-8. 10. Sepulveda W, Drysdale K, Kyle PM, McNeal AD, Moore IE. Congenital left ventricular aneurysm causing hydrops fetalis: prenatal diagnosis with color Doppler ultrasonography.

Diagnosis, imaging and clinical management of aortic coarctation

Apr 03, 2017 FOETAL DIAGNOSIS. Prenatal diagnosis of CoA reduces neonatal mortality and morbidity, prevents costly and risky transfers and reduces parental stress, as it allows for planned delivery in dedicated paediatric cardiac centres. 12 13. Prenatal ultrasound is a crucial primary screening modality. 14 15. Foetuses with an abnormal

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Prenatal diagnosis can prevent these sequelae by allowing for intervention before ductal closure. However, prenatal diagnosis of coarctation is challenging due to the presence of the ductus arteriosus and limited blood flow across the aortic isthmus in utero[13]. In the United States, fewer than 1 in 4 patients

Fetal Right Ventricular Diverticulum Detected by Prenatal

aneurysm if the wall was thin. When an abnormal heart [18] F.Demir,N.Ozbarlas,U.Gocen,andS.Buyukkurt, Prenatal diagnosis of giant left ventricular diverticulum: case report,

Prenatal sonographic detection of cardiac aneurysms and

left ventricular diverticulum. Am Heart] 126:1233, 1993 7. Gembruch U, Steil E, Redel A, et al: Short Commun­ ication: Prenatal diagnosis of a left ventricular aneurysm. Prenat Diagn 10:203, 1990 8. Kitchiner D, Leung MP, Arnold R: Isolated congenital left

Foetal right ventricular outpouching associated with

vascular medicine. Fetal diagnosis of right ventricular aneurysm associat ed with supraventricular tachycardia with left bundle-branch block aberrancy. Circulation. 2002 Jul;106(1):141 2. 7. Pipitone S, Sperandeo V, Mongiovi M, Roberto G, Centineo G. Prenatal diagnosis of ventricular aneurysm: a report of two cases and a review.

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4. El Kady D, Gerscovich EO, Moon-Grady A, et al. Congenital cardiac left ventricular aneurysm with pericardial effusion: early prenatal diagnosis and intervention. J Ultrasound Med. 2005;24:1011 5. 5. Hunter LE, Pushparajah K, Miller O, et al. Prenatal diagnosis of left ventricular diverticulum and coarctation of the aorta. Ultrasound Obstet

Congenital aneurysm of the muscular interventricular septum

Lawson P. Prenatal diagnosis of left ventricular aneurysm in the late second trimester. A case report. Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol 1996; 7: 456-457. 8. Chandrashekhar Y, Anand IS, Dutta BN, Gujral JS. Giant congenital left ventricular aneurysm in an adult: a case report. Angiology 1993; 44: 412-414. 9. Donofrio MT, Allen DR, Tekin M, Bodurtha J.

A novel TAB2 nonsense mutation (p.S149X) causing autosomal

and left atrial and ventricular dilatation, were found in II:7 and II:9, respectively. III:11 was a 3-year-old boy who was Table 1 Summary of the CHD family CHD Family members CHD Age at diagnosis Heart defects according to transthoracic echocardiogram TAB2 DNA Protein II:1 Yes 39y atrial septal aneurysm, left coronary artery dilation,

Fetal Congenital Cardiac Diverticulum with Pericardial

Evolution of fetal ventricular aneurysms and diverticula of the heart: an echocardiographic study. Am J Perinatol 14: 393-400. 5 Matias A, Fredouille C, Nesmann C, Azancot A (1999) Prenatal diagnosis of left ventricular aneurysm: a report of three cases and a review. Cardiol Young 9: 175-184.


We present a unique series of 8 cases with prenatal echocardiographic monitoring, treatment and postnatal follow-up, providing new insight into this mysterious heart problem Key words: diverticulum, interventricular septal aneurysm, left ventricle diverticulum, abnormal fetal heart wall Corresponding author: [email protected]

Prenatal detected Isolated Congenital Coronary Artery Fistula

and the two with prenatally diagnosed ventricular aneurysm died in the postnatal course. No correlation was observed between the presence of cardiomegaly or a to-and-fro flow in the ascending aorta and time of intervention or prenatal outcome. cardiac chambers or any of the great vessels [3]. Depending on the

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cal aneurysm communicating with the left ventricle (LV; LV aneurysm/LV area=1.4) in a male fetus at 22 weeks 4 days of gestation (Figure, A and Movie I in the online-only Data Supplement). Left ventricular size was normal (end-diastolic dimension [EDD]=0.93 cm; z=1.04) and the cardiothoracic (CT) ratio of circumferences was normal (0.50). Left

In utero fetal left ventricular rupture and pseudoaneurysm

1. Balakumar K. Prenatal diagnosis of left ventricular aneurysm. Indian J Radiol Imaging. 2009;19(1):84 6. 2. Gembruch U, Steil E, Redel DA, Hansmann M. Prenatal diagnosis of a left ventricular aneurysm. Prenat Diagn. 1990;10(3):203 9. 3. Steurer MA, Baer RJ, Keller RL, et al. Gestational age and outcomes in critical congenital heart disease.

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left ventricular aneurysm with pericardial effusion: prenatal diagnosis, surgical management and follow-up. Pediatr Cardiol 2002;23:458-61. 9) Cavalle-Garrido T, Cloutier A, Harder J, Boutin C, Smallhorn JF. Evolu-tion of fetal ventricular aneurysm and diverticula of heart: an echo-cardiographic study. Am J Perinatol 1997;14:393-400.

Cardiovascular Diseases Genetic Testing Program Information

Prenatal diagnosis of an at-risk fetus, after confirmation of variant(s) in the parent(s) and by prior arrangement only. D. eletion/Duplication Analysis: Completion of the diagnostic evaluation in a patient with a clinical diagnosis of cardiovascular disease who has had a negative panel or who is heterozygous

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Prenatal diagnosis of congenital left ventricular aneurysm by four-dimensional ultrasonography with spatio-temporal image correlation (STIC) Four-dimensional (4D) ultrasonography with spatio-temporal image correlation (STIC) provides a novel method of examining the fetal heart in a dynamic and multidirectional way. We present a case of congenital

Prenatal diagnosis of left ventricular aneurysm

Balakumar: Prenatal diagnosis of left ventricular aneurysm Figure 1: The four-chamber view of the fetal heart shows normal-sized atria (RA - right atrium, LA - left atrium), and right ventricle (RV).

Prenatal diagnosis of left ventricular diverticulum and

the prenatal diagnosis of an infant with LVD originating from the left ventricular outflow tract associated with coarctation of the aorta. The diagnosis was confirmed postnatally by two-dimensional echocardiography and cardiac magnetic resonance imaging. We hypothesize that the lesion compromised antegrade flow into the

Concurrent Septal and Right Ventricular Aneurysms Detected on

Keywords: Fetus, cardiac aneurysms, prenatal diagnosis, fetal ultrasound Case Report Eurasian J Med 2018; 50: 50-2 Introduction Congenital aneurysms and diverticula of the heart are rare anomalies and their prenatal diagno-sis is challenging [1-5]. They are observed as localized protrusions of the ventricular free walls.

Congenital Ventricular Diverticulum or Aneurysm: A Difficult

Case Report Congenital Ventricular Diverticulum or Aneurysm: A Difficult Diagnosis to Make Lloyd Halpern ,1 Carl Garabedian,2 and Neil K. Worrall3 1Pediatric Anesthesiologist, Shriner s Hospital for Children, 911 W. 5TH Avenue Spokane, Washington 99204, USA

Laila Rhee, M.S.

Congenital cardiac left ventricular aneurysm with pericardial effusion: early prenatal diagnosis and intervention. J Ultrasound Med. 2005 Jul;24(7):1011-5. Ueki Y, Tiziani V, Santanna C, Fukai N, Maulik C, Garfinkle J, Ninomiya C, doAmaral C, Peters H, Habal M, Rhee-Morris L, Doss JB, Kreiborg S, Olsen BR, Reichenberger E. Mutations in the gene

Coarctation of the Aorta - FAA

10. Berg C, Knüppel M, Geipel A, et al. (March 2006). Prenatal diagnosis of persistent left superior vena cava and its associated congenital anomalies. Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol. 27 (3): 274 80. About the Author Dr. Rebecca Blue was a resident in aerospace medicine at the University of Texas Medical Branch when she wrote this case report.

Journal of Clinical & Experimental Hornberger et al., J Clin

small neck with the LV cavity. c) During ventricular systole, blood entered this hypokinetic aneurysm (arrow at neck). Spontaneous rupture led to an acute demise of this fetus at 24 weeks. L-left, R-right, LV-left ventricle, LA-left atrium, RV-right ventricle, LVOT-left ventricular outflow tract.

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Prenatal diagnosis of fetal left ventricular aneurysm: a case report and review. Obstet Gynecol. 1991; 78(3 Pt 2):525-8. 4. Sherman SJLeenhouts KH, , Utter GOLitaker M, , Lawson P: Prenatal diagnosis of left ventricular aneurysm in the late sec - ond trimester: a case report. Ultrasound 1996 ; 7(6):456-7. 5.