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CODE OF CONDUCT - UnitedHealth Group

Code, key considerations, hypothetical challenges, resources, and links to applicable policies. Policies at the enterprise, business, and department levels provide more specific direction. Complying with the Code of Conduct Because the Code cannot address every situation you might encounter, UnitedHealth Group relies on your good judgment

Union Pacific Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy

Apr 01, 2021 Union Pacific is committed to doing business with integrity. As stated in the Company s Statement of Policy on Ethics and Business Conduct, The How Matters, part of doing business with integrity is abiding by fair trade standards, including avoiding bribery and corruption.

Effectively Addressing Employee Behavior and Performance Concerns

conduct. If an employee has a reasonable belief that discipline or other adverse consequences may result from his or her answers, the employee has the right to request representation of his or her choosing. A good rule of thumb is that if the employee thinks that the meeting could lead to discipline and requests representation, honor the request.


If you suspect conduct that may violate the law or our Code, you must report it. In fact, if you don t report it, you are violating our Code and may be subject to disciplinary action! Reach out to the Employee Response Center (ERC) or other resources listed in this Code. A summary listing of resources is


Ohio Revised Code Section 1705.04 provides that one or more persons, without regard to residence, domicile, or state of organization, may form a limited liability company. All limited liability companies must register with the Ohio Secretary of State to lawfully conduct business in Ohio. Filing Articles of Organization

Corporate Anti- Corruption Global Rank Company Policies

Section 4.1 - Summary Fortune Global 500 * Volume 2 127 EADS Yes GC Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy, Prevention of Money Laundering and Economic Crime, Employees Training Giftmanagement Code of Conduct, Ethics Committee


of Business Conduct and Ethics (Code). The Code was revised to provide greater clarity on the expectations of employees regarding media inquiries, use of social media, service on external commercial boards, and also highlights requirements for safeguarding sensitive data from unauthorized use or disclosure. The revised Code also


The UPS Code of Business Conduct ( Code ) sets forth standards of conduct for all of UPS. Throughout the Code, UPS is used to refer to the enterprise as a whole, to each person within it, and to any person or entity who represents UPS or any part of the UPS organization, including suppliers, consultants, and third-party representatives.


Conduct is responsible for investigating alleged conduct regulation violations and coordinating the conduct process, unless another office is designated in this Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct has been developed by the Office of Student Conduct to provide useful information to students and organizations about their rights and


and builds on the Code of Business Conduct and Corporate Standards, the UHS Compliance Manual, as well as the policies and procedures of our Compliance Program. The Code of Conduct is one of the most important communications you will ever receive. It is the cornerstone of all UHS practices. You will need to read it from cover to cover.


all employees and officials adhere to the Code of Conduct ( the Code ) in all aspects of its business and in particular, apply the principles of best practice throughout the University. 1.4 In this regard the Council is guided by the University's vision, mission and value


Business Code of Conduct and Ethics (the Code) is intended to provide you straightforward information about The Home Depot s operating principles and offer tools to help you make decisions that align with our ethical expectations and legal obligations. All associates are expected to act with honesty and integrity.


2000. BUSINESS CONDUCT 2100. GENERAL STANDARDS 2110. Standards of Commercial Honor and Principles of Trade A member, in the conduct of his business, shall observe high standards of commercial honor and just and equitable principles of trade. Cross References - IM-1000-1, Filing of Misleading Information as to Membership or Registration

Department of Veterans Affairs VA DIRECTIVE 5021 Washington

The involuntary reduction, based on conduct or performance, of the annual rate of basic pay to which an employee is entitled under 38 U.S.C. 7404, including above minimum entrance rates and special salary rates authorized under 38 U.S.C. 7455.

Business Conduct Guide Our Tradition of Integrity

Business Conduct Guide. Any waiver of any provisions of the Business Conduct Guide otherwise applicable to executive officers or directors, may be made only with the prior approval of the Board of Directors or a designated committee of the Board of Directors. Back to Table of ContentsO The provisions of the Business Conduct


this Code of Conduct. You will be held accountable for your own actions, and you may also be held accountable for a failure to speak up and report the actions of others if you knew there were violations or potential violations of law, regulation, rule or breach of USAA s policies, procedures or this Code of Conduct.

Electrical Safety in the Workplace

Electrical Safety in the Workplace 2 Course Goal The aim of this program is to provide comprehensive on-site training to high-risk workers (i.e. skilled trades and maintenance workers) and management on the requirements of Sub Part S, and the prevention

Cisco 2016 Code of Business Conduct

The Code of Business Conduct, or COBC, illustrates and reinforces our values and should be used as a tool to help guide you in making decisions and resolving issues you may encounter in your role. It is designed to be a year-round resource, and I encourage you to refer to it often.

Conduct of the WHO-FIC Network updated 2018-10-29

Oct 29, 2018 Groups, which conduct their business both during and outside the annual meeting. WHO, Collaborating Centres, and Committees and Reference Groups are represented in the WHO-FIC Network Advisory Council, which endorses official actions proposed by the Committees and Reference Groups.


The first page of your business plan will be the cover sheet. It serves as the title page of your plan. It should contain the following information: Name of the company Company address Company phone number (include area code) Logo (if you have one) Names, titles, addresses, phone numbers (include area code) of owners

Code of Business Ethics and Conduct - American Red Cross

Code of Business Ethics and Conduct of the American Red Cross and agree to comply with it, as well as applicable laws that impact the organization, at all times. I affirm that, except as listed below, I have no personal, business or financial interest that conflicts, or appears to conflict, with the best interests of the American Red Cross.

C-TPAT Best Practices Catalog Addendum 2009

Business Partner Requirements The Company s C-TPAT liaison personnel (full-time employees dedicated to C-TPAT compliance) conduct supply chain security audits to ensure compliance of their non-C-TPAT business partners. An outside security agency hired by an Importer conducts security audits of the Foreign

Standards of Business Conduct for Suppliers

adopting a code suited to your business needs and the unique risks your company faces. Meanwhile, please review these Standards carefully so that you will understand our ethical expectations for all of our suppliers. If you have questions, contact your business partner at American Airlines, the Business Ethics & Compliance Office at American, or


Guidelines on Integrity and Transparency in Governance and Responsible Code of Conduct 1 Foreword In 1998, t he Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) took a special initiative to come out with the Desirable Corporate Governance: A Code the first institutional initiative for Indian industry.


The Code of Business Conduct, Ethics and Anti-Bribery Policy (the Code ) of Caledonia Mining Corporation Plc and its group of companies ( Caledonia or the Corporation ) is to commit the Corporation, its boards of directors (each the Board ) and employees to the highest standards of business and ethical conduct.

The Company will provide material facts about each new - UPS

United Parcel Service, Inc. Related Person Transactions Policy Approved February 11, 2015 The UPS Code of Business Conduct requires that all of our employees and directors avoid conflicts of interest, defined as situations where the person s private interests conflict, or even appear to conflict, with the interests of UPS as a whole.


to conduct business with honesty, integrity and in compliance with the law everywhere we operate. Our Standards of Business Conduct (or Standards ) are a reflection of that commitment and provide you with the information you need to do the right thing on the job and preserve the reputation we have earned as an ethical company.

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This UPS Code of Business Conduct sets forth standards of conduct for all of UPS. Throughout the Code, UPS is used to refer to the enterprise as a whole, to each person within it, and to any person who represents UPS or any part of the UPS organization. Adherence to the Code is required of all employees and representatives of UPS.

UPS Statement on Slavery and Human Trafficking 2019

UPS's supply chains are complex and global, with UPS managing the flow of goods, funds and information in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide and on a daily basis. UPS relies on a global network of employees, agents, local business partners, and suppliers.

Code of Conduct HILTON

CODE OF CONDUCT 5 VIOLATIONS OF THE CODE OF CONDUCT Subject to applicable law, any violation of the laws or policies described in this Code, or other improper and unlawful conduct, may subject a Team Member to disciplinary action, up to and including termination and possibly legal action. Subject to applicable law, disciplinary measures

FedEx Code of Conduct

The FedEx Code of Conduct connects all FedEx team members, no matter where we are around the globe. The Code sets out principles of ethics and business conduct that enable each of us to deliver the Purple Promise for our customers, communities and each other. The Code applies to every officer, director, manager and employee (collectively


Jan 01, 2017 Code of Business Conduct and Ethics 5 Purolator s Values 1. People First. We recognize that our teammates and their families are key stakeholders. We will only be successful as a business if we provide our teammates with a safe and healthy workplace and we have the right people in the right roles with the support they need to succeed.

Code of business conduct - Compass Group

The Code of Businsse Conduct sets out our commitment on how to do business in a fair way: treating everyone custom ers, collea gues, investors, supp liers and sub-contractors, as well as the wider community with hone sty, integrity

Inmate Discipline Program

c. Amend the Code 104 to include any instrument used as a weapon. d. Establish a Code 115 for destroying and/or disposing of any item during a search or attempt to search. e. Establish a High severity level prohibited act code for escape from a work detail, a non-secure institution, or other non-secure custody, including a community facility, with

UPS Social Media Guidelines

the performance of others, or UPS s business interests are a proper focus for company policy. Activities that violate the standards outlined in these guidelines, the Policy Book, Code of Business Conduct or ISP can lead to disciplinary action, including job termination. You have a right to post your opinion whether positive or negative; however

Code of Conduct

While the Business Partner Code covers many matters, it is not intended to be all-inclusive or to address every situation. Honest and Ethical Business Conduct ByteDance has zero tolerance for unlawful or unethical conduct in any form, including but not limited to corruption, bribery, fraud, extortion, embezzlement, kickbacks or money laundering.

Global Home: UPS - United States

e/UPS Code Business Conduct 2013.pdf (the Code ) that applies to all employees, agents and third party representatives of UPS. The Code provides information about UPS standards of integrity and explains its legal and ethical responsibilities. It requires, among other things, compliance with national and local laws and the reporting of any


Employer must conduct evaluations of the workplace as necessary to ensure proper implementation of the program, and consult with employees to ensure proper use. (m) Recordkeeping Records of medical evaluations must be retained and made available per 29 CFR 1910.1020.

Written Warning - Conduct and or Performance

performance and/or conduct, management intervention, and the consequences to the agency/public.] In an effort to assist you in meeting a standard of [performance and/or conduct] consistent with my expectations, I am establishing a thirty (30) calendar day improvement period, beginning [date] through