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# 0.5% allergic rxns, 0.6% GI, 0.4% fatigue SJW is a CYP inducer with herbal/drug interactions documented. Noted especially in decreasing levels of HIV protease inhibitors and warfarin SJW is a PGP inducer with documented interactions in decreasing digoxin and cyclosporin levels St. John s Wort! Summary Efficacy: excellent evidence in

Phenolics in Human Health

component as antioxidant, anti-mutagenic, and scavenging activity on free radicals and prevention of pathologies such as cancer and cardiovascular heart disease. The majority of data on health benefits of polyphenols-rich diet is still observational, and some are contradictory. Some

Nutrition and Asthma

Regular oily fish intake results in one third the risk of asthma in children (2) A 1:2 ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 fats resulted in improvement of asthmatic symptoms vs feeding a 1:10 ratio (3) Increased omega 6 to omega 3 ratio associated with more asthma (30)

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term use can clear toxic chemicals, free radicals and can inhibit free radical damage to capillaries. Antioxidant, eliminate free radicals As a protect of brain cells, it prevents the formation of amyloid-beta protein, glutamate toxicity and free radical attack, thereby preventing Alzheimer's disease; Prevent amyloid β protein

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International Edition Polyphenols

er incidence of heart disease, cancer, gastroin-testinal and neurological diseases, liver diseas-es, atherosclerosis, obesity and allergies [2, 5, 7-9]. Polyphenols are potent antioxidants; they are able to scavenge free radicals. It was first thought that the health benefits associated with the consumption of dietary polyphenols


Antioxidant effects: Down regulates COX2, LOX, NFkB, AP-1, TNF. Safety Warfarin interaction, bleeding risk at high doses. Dose (Adult) 1200-2400 mg/d curcumin for IBD India: average daily intake = 60 mg curcumin (2.5 gm/d of turmeric) 20 mg black pepper/1 kg curcumin -> approx. 2000% absorption increase

Journal of Evidence-Based Vitamin C: Overview and Update

maximize antioxidant protection.25 Single doses >1000 mg/d can cause gastrointestinal distress, nausea, and osmotic diar-rhea, as the body attempts to rid itself of the high intraluminal concentration of vitamin C. The tolerable upper intake level (UL) for vitamin C, 2000 mg daily, is based on likely obser-


Dietary intake is high compared to other dietary antioxidants. They have antioxidant,anti inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti platelet and anti tumor activities(21). Flavonoids has the property of inhibiting LPS thus reducing bone resorption Therefore increased intake of flavonoids may proved to be beneficial prevention of periodontal disease.

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Improves immune function, anti-viral, protects the liver from toxic damage, antioxidant. Research supported indications for the Ingredients Immune deficiency, viral infections, mononucleosis, Herpes, hepatitis, oncologic support. Safety precautions The product is safe for use and free of toxicity. Dosage and mode of administration

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intake of saturated fats and omega-6 fats from animal sources; and (3) increase intake of omega-3 rich fats from fish and plant sources. Dietary fats and oils play a significant role in the risk of many chronic diseases. The emphasis on fat-free foods in the latter part of the 20th century led only to weight gain, because the

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Functions as an antioxidant Helps fight off infections Diets rich in vitamin C associated with lower risk of certain types of cancer (including stomach and esophagus cancer), heart disease, and some eye diseases. Vitamin C restores oxidized vitamin E to its active state

Essential Oil Omega Complex

essential lipids that, as with the free lipids traveling in the circulatory system, are prone to degradation through free-radical oxidation. xEO Mega includes the powerful antioxidant carotenoid astaxanthin that helps protect against lipid oxidation in the brain and throughout the circulatory system.* Astaxanthin provides

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G, Bergström A. Use of multivitamin supplements in relation to allergic disease in 8-y-old children. 2009. AJCN 90(6):1693-8. The NEMO Study Group. Effect of a 12-mo micronutrient intervention on learning and memory in well-nourished and marginally nourished school-aged children: 2 parallel, randomized, placebo-controlled stud-