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Refining the Precautionary Principle In International

precautionary principle inhibits efficiency and realistic corporate planning, and increases the costs and risks of doing business.


precautionary principle on the basis of Sunstein s book and the criticism of that principle. From there, partly on the basis of the anti-catastrophe principle mentioned by Sunstein, we discuss the meaning of the precautionary principle for the fight against terrorism under criminal law. In

Late lessons from early warnings: the precautionary principle

The precautionary principle is not just an issue for the European Union (EU): its potential impact on trade means that its application can have global repercussions. The current dialogue between the EU and the United States on the use and application of precaution is partly affected by confusion about the meaning of terms used in the debate.

The Taming of the Precautionary Principle

At its core, the precautionary principle embodies two fundamental regulatory policies: anthropogenic harm to human health and the environment should be avoided or minimized through anticipatory, preventive regulatory controls; and, to accomplish this, activities and technologies whose environmental consequences are uncertain but potentially serious should be restricted until the uncertainty is largely resolved.

Who s Afraid of the Precautionary Principle?

The Precautionary Principle in the 20th Century: Late Lessons from Early Warnings 5 (2002). 5 Nigel Haigh, The Introduction of the Precautionary Principle into the UK, in Interpreting the Precautionary Principle (T.O Riordan & J. Cameron 1994), at 241, 6 See Daniel Bodansky, The Precautionary Principle in US Environmental Law, in


precautionary principle in EU law can be unclear, with ambiguities inherent in determining what level of uncertainty and significance of hazard justifies invoking the precautionary principle (Garnett & Parsons, 2017). It has also been pointed out that conventional risk assessment is no more intrinsically immune

Environmental Law Review The Precautionary principle, ยช The

4. J. Cameron, The Precautionary Principle: Core Meaning, Constitutional Framework and Procedures for Implementation in R. Harding and E. Fisher (eds), Perspectives on the Precautionary Principle (Sydney, NSW: Federation Press, 1999) 29. Cameron

Can Too Much Safety be Hazardous? A Critical Look at the

May 23, 2000 principle is its definition. Our first introduction to the precautionary principle may have come from our mothers who told us it was better to be safe rath er than sorry , meaning we should buckle our seatbelts and throw out the left over food we forgot to refrigerate the night before.

7.1. What Precautionary Measure(s)? where when how

has been coined by some as a rule of thumb to capture the meaning of the precautionary principle,30 is thus evidently an oversimplification and, as far as general international law is concerned, beside the truth in that it suggests that the principle compulsorily calls for abstention from any potentially injurious activities.31 Safety Margins

The Precautionary Principle: Basics - NAST

the precautionary principle. Environmental measures must anticipate, prevent, and attack the causes of environmental degradation. Where there are threats of serious or irreversible damage, lack of full scientific certainty should not be used as a reason for postponing measures to prevent environmental degradation. 1992 Rio Declaration

The Precautionary Principle in CITES: A Critical Assessment

Status of the Precautionary. Principle in International Law, in THE PRECAnIONAWY PRV4WU AND INTERNATIONAL LAW 29, 29-52 (David Freestone & Ellen Hey eds., 1996). 2. James Cameron, The Precautionary Principle-Coe Meaning, Constitutional Framework and Procedures for Implementation, in THE PRECAtrIONARY PmcNCu CONFERECE PAaEs 17,

Considerations on the application of the Precautionary

Applying the precautionary principle (PP) in the context of chemicals regulatory decision-making can present numerous challenges. These challenges are partly due to the specific nature of (regulating) chemicals, and the more general nature of the precautionary principle. The Commission Communication on the precautionary principle, issued in 2000,

Understanding the Precautionary Principle

The Precautionary Principle is referred to as weak or strong in some cases, what does this mean? Strong versions of the Precautionary Principle obligate decision makers to take precautionary action, and therefore perhaps offers the greatest protection, however cannot differentiate


The precautionary principle is included in many international environmental laws, but there is little consensus regarding its meaning and how it should be incorporated into governmental decisionmaking.

The Precautionary Principle: A Status Questionis

way7 as to suggest that the precautionary principle is indeed a more general principle or an overriding one. At first, commentators appeared to be somewhat hesitating while explaining the pre-cise meaning and implications of the newly introduced principle8. Therefore it may not be


The precautionary principle , included in the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development and a range of other international instruments, counsels a proactive approach to addressing serious or irreversible threats to health or the environment in circumstances of

Understanding the Precautionary Principle

Understanding and Applying the Precautionary Principle to Deep Sea Minerals Mining in the Pacific Islands Region: A Socio-cultural and Legal Approach Summary What is the Precautionary Principle? The principle provides guidance on a process for avoiding serious or irreversible harm under conditions of uncertainty.

The precautionary principle: protecting public health, the

The precautionary principle has been gaining prominence and profile and has become a guiding principle in modern thinking in environment and health a most welcome development for WHO and everyone engaged in public health. If used intelligently, imaginatively and daringly, the precautionary principle will support efforts to


Precautionary principle is a guiding principle that helps to prevent the activity that posing threat or danger to the environment. It considers the harmful effects before they pursue their activities (Wibisana n.d.) But the precise meaning of the precautionary principle remains unclear.

The Precautionary Principle - Common Sense or Environmental

trum of precautionary measures available, ongoing philosophical tensions and competing socioeco-nomic interests, debate over who should be responsible for making precautionary decisions, and limited interpretation by international tri-bunals [8]. In short, the Precaution-ary Principle remains elusive and flexible in meaning, and even in the


Furthermore, whether there is a difference in meaning between precautionary Defending the precautionary principle against three criticisms 369 principle and precautionary approach is not commonly agreed upon (see e.g.

What is the Economic Meaning of the Precautionary Principle?

what is the economic meaning of the precautionary principle? 337 ofknowledge,uncertaintyisresolved,atleastpartially,allowingforarevisionofbeliefs.This leads to the recognition that precaution is not a static concept.

BRIEF #4 The Precautionary Principle

the precautionary principle. Understanding the Precautionary Principle Lawyers can be quite argumentative about the definition and use of a principle in law, but it is safe to say a principle is not a strict rule. It is a guide. A principle has the benefit of including theoretical explanations and fundamentals of law, which help lawmakers

The precautionary principle and the theory of choice under

The precautionary principle and the theory of choice under uncertainty Introduction The concept of the precautionary principle has been the subject of vigorous debate. As with other contested concepts in environmental theory and policy, most notably that of sustainability , the debate has proceeded in the absence of an agreed

Precautionary principles: general definitions and specific

version of the precautionary principle, Vorsorgungsprinzip, or cautionary principle, which took shape over several years. Its literal meaning is showing prior care or worry ; in a 1988 review of its usage in German air pollution legislation, Konrad von Moltke saw the common thread as precaution and foresight, implying good

Precaution: Principle and practice in Australian

The precautionary principle is a mandate to address uncertainty and to ensure that potential, though not well-defined or understood, hazards are taken into account in decision making. There is no universally accepted definition of the principle, or even agreement as to whether or not it is a principleSince the late


Cost-Benefit Analysis and the Precautionary Principle 775 the United States could further improve its approach to CBA, making a case for the new precautionary CBA as consistent with international law.

Presentation by The Hon. Justice Brian J Preston Chief Judge

implementation of the precautionary principle as well as the other principles of ESD. It is, therefore, instructive to first consider the meaning of ESD as a whole before turning to consider the meaning and application of on of its constituent principles, the precautionary e principle.

The Precautionary Principle and Radiation Protection

precautionary principle is to examine its application to specific health and environmental problems, and perhaps just as importantly to consider cases where the principle does not apply. Control of ionizing radiation provides a useful case study for studying the application and meaning of the precautionary principle. 1


The Precautionary Principle has been widely incorporated, in various forms, in international environmental agreements and declarations and further developed in a number of national laws. An element common to the various formulations of the Precautionary Principle is the recognition that lack of certainty regarding the threat


j u l y 2 0 , 2 0 0 6 the precautionary principle: what it is and lessons for contra costa county david mitchell, ph.d. assistant professor economics kristine chase, ph.d.

Safety, risk and the precautionary principle: rethinking

cautionary principle and precautionary approach will prove to be inadequate tools for risk management. Various interpretations of the precautionary principle. The most universal description of the precautionary principle is that it seeks to impose early preventive measures to ward off even those risks for which we

Sunscreen Safety: The Precautionary Principle, The Australian

invoke the precautionary principle in Australia, as in Canada,4 to facilitate a contextual approach to statutory interpretation in the case where a statutory provision is ambiguous in its meaning. The Precautionary Principle and the TGA Under the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 (Cth) (the Act) the TGA is responsible for regulating therapeutic


the precautionary principle in brazil s protected areas To clarify application of the precautionary principle to the UCs environmental protection regime, we shall first discuss how the theme has fit into Brazil s legal doctrine and case law, since

The Precautionary Principle in International Law: Lessons

The Precautionary Principle in International Law: Lessons from Fuller's Internal Morality Jaye Ellis and Alison FitzGerald* In contrast to the assimilative capacity approach, the precautionary principle in international law points to the limitations of the scientific understanding of complex phenomena.

The Precautionary Principle and the Regulation of U.S. Food

II. THE MEANING(S) OF THE PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE(S) The following anecdote illustrates the profound confusion regarding the meaning of the PP. Proponents of precautionary regulation are highly critical of the decision that authorized the marketing of food products containing GM ingredients without a more complete understanding of their health


2. The meaning of the precautionary principle 5 The core concept of precaution 5 The content of the precautionary principle 5 Precaution, prevention, and polluter-pays 8 Precaution and science 9 3. Acceptance of the precautionary principle in biodiversity and natural resources law and policy 11 Development of the principle in environmental law

The Conservative Disposition and the Precautionary Principle

The precautionary principle is a poorly defined idea, but it is generally understood to mean that innovations should be given special scrutiny with respect to risk, and to reject changes that involve not merely risks, which can be calculated, but uncertainties, which cannot.