Paracrine Communication In The Anterior Pituitary As Studied In Reaggregate Cell Cultures

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Kidney Organoids: A Translational Journey

by R Morizane 2017 Cited by 83 current literature describing organoid studies with a special focus on kidney Indeed, the cells located at the anterior part of the primitive streak differentiate into paraxial organoids have not been reconstructed by dissociation and reaggregation of the primary brain [126], anterior pituitary [127], and kidneys [3,6,7,19,51].

Anterior pituitary cell networks - UCL Discovery

by PR Le Tissier 2012 Cited by 106 studying the roles of cell networks in endocrine function and hormone release. The cells of the adult mammalian anterior pituitary have previ- ously been cells cultured at different densities (Jaques et al., 2008), and which is likely states (Hodson et al., 2012b), or by paracrine, autocrine or juxtacrine.

Living-cell imaging of transgenic rat anterior pituitary cells in

by K Horiguchi 2010 Cited by 52 culture reveals novel characteristics of folliculo-stellate cells. Kotaro Horiguchi study suggest that in the anterior pituitary gland, FS cells play important paracrine signaling. In addition Munari-Silem Y 1996 Cell-to-cell communication in the anterior pituitary: pituitary as studied in reaggregate cell cultures. Microscopy 

Isolation of cleaved prolactin variants that stimulate DNA

Another study revealed that the 16 kDa are produced may suggest a local paracrine action, since very medium of anterior pituitary reaggregate cell cultures used for intercellular communication in the anterior pituitary [26,35-37].

The anterior pituitary gland - PubAg

by CG Scanes 2005 Cited by 7 The anterior pituitary gland is composed of a mixture of secretory cells C. Paracrine communication in the anterior pituitary as studied in reaggregate cell effect of interferon-gamma on hormone secretion in rat anterior pituitary cell cultures.

Editorial: Green Fluorescent Proteins Light the Way to a Better

by GV Childs 2000 Cited by 4 immortalized in cell lines (14). To add to this a regulatory network for paracrine, autocrine, or juxtacrine communication (17 21). It might also by the diversity in any preparation of anterior pituitary cells. The diversity findings from studies of regulation of individual cell types. allowed to reaggregate (19, 20). Hence it 

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We have used several cultured cell lines to examine the assembly and We examined the regulation of expression of several vacuolar H ATPase subunits We have previously reported that anterior pituitary (AP) cells in long term culture play an important paracrine or autocrinerole in regulating pituitaryfunction. 1838.

The Questions of Developmental Biology

6. Cell-cell communication in development. Induction and Competence. Paracrine Factors. Cell Surface Receptors and Their Signal Transduction Pathways.

Evolution, the Logic of Biology

by JS Torday Cited by 25 traces the history of cell culture and its influence on our insights to the role of nomena through the serial paracrine interactions between the lung endoderm and cell communication that starts with the zygote, generating multicellular In support of this hypothesis, PTHrP is also expressed in the anterior pituitary, where.

Cell-to-cell contact dependence and junctional protein content

19 Jun 2012 Abstract: In this study, we investigated the cellular distribution of communication (Jain and Lammert 2009; Harris and Tepass as well as dispersed and reaggregated islet cells. for insulin secretion, neonatal islets were cultured in supple- expression on hormone production in rat anterior pituitary.

1 P&T #22779 Three-Dimensional Culture Systems in Cancer

by S Nath 2016 Cited by 455 Cancer cells propagated in three-dimensional (3D) culture systems exhibit physiologically oncology studies, as they allow evaluation of TME's effect on tumor, bridging the gap between 2D Communications 4,1 8, Nature Publishing Group. formation of functional adenohypophysis in three-dimensional culture. Nature.

Dopamine as a Prolactin - REDLARA

by N BEN-JONATHAN 2001 Cited by 1104 neuronal tissues, e.g., the pancreas and the anterior pituitary. rotransmitters, i.e., they communicate between neurons and newly synthesized dopamine and that taken up into the cell are before, early studies using brain and pituitary tissues estab- decreased rate of DOPA synthesis in cultures from both sexes. (100) 

Prolactin: Structure, Function, and Regulation of Secretion

by ME FREEMAN 2000 Cited by 2598 Prolactin is a protein hormone of the anterior pituitary gland that edge of the defect borne by cell lines, one can study the role of an secretion. In the case of paracrine communication, the lease in reaggregate cells of anterior lobe (276).

Anterior pituitary cell networks - CORE

by PR Le Tissier 2012 Cited by 106 studying the roles of cell networks in endocrine function and hormone release. The cells of the adult mammalian anterior pituitary have previ- ously been cells cultured at different densities (Jaques et al., 2008), and which is likely When pituitaries are dispersed and allowed to re-aggregate in vitro, the 

Three-Dimensional Culture and FGF Signaling Drive

by E Fox 2015 Cited by 13 Only FGF2 was able to commit endoderm-induced cells in monolayer cultures to an. NKX2- studies achieved distal lung differentiation with very low effi- ciencies pathway [23 25] followed by anterior endoderm induction and reaggregated with 50ng/mL activin A (R&D Systems, and the posterior pituitary gland [50].

Induction of mammotroph development by a - BioOne

by T Kakeya 2002 Cited by 12 In cultured rat pituitary cells, BrdU-labeled PRL cells were observed irrespective of the hormone treatment. Vankelecom H, Denef C (1997) Paracrine communication in the anterior pituitary as studied in reaggregate cell cultures. Microsc Res 


by C Sanz Rodríguez monosinapsis con las MTN's del asta anterior de la médula espinal, constituyendo su principal fuente Programmed cell death in sympathetic neurons: a study.

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Here, we examined how germ cell composition in the mouse fetal testis is culture, we have studied the effects of estrogen on SOX9, a known target of estrogen and Since GC-oocyte contact-dependent communication is essential for oocyte adenohypophysis, the neuropeptide RFRP-3 is produced in the ovary and can 


IN1RODUCTION. Paracrine interactions are defined as cell-to-cell communications within a composing cells, and thus most of the studies concerning paracrine interactions in the anterior pituitary gland (AP) have been done in vitro. 1): in reaggregated AP cells from 14-day-old rats, GnRH has a negligible effect on GH 

下垂体前葉組織におけるマトリクライン - J-Stage

by 屋代隆 2009 Regulation of pituitary hormones and cell pro- liferation by rior pituitary. II. An in vitro study on primary cultures. Anat Rec, 233, 1-12. Paracrine communication in the anterior pituitary as studied in reaggregate cell cultures. Microsc.

Estrogen Receptor-Mediated Effects in the Gonadotropic

by F Eertmans 2008 cultures and tissue explants to study regulatory effects of E2 at the pituitary level. However origin, namely the LβT2 and the αT3-1 cell lines, were developed by the group of P. release of the gonadotropins LH and FSH from the anterior pituitary. Through a paracrine mechanism, activin A originating from other pituitary.

Regulation and integration of the different cells in the body is

by K Janssens 2007 communication which is crucial for paracrine interactions (29-34). The cell Structure of Я-adrenergic agonists and antagonists used in this study. To establish cell reaggregate cultures, anterior pituitary cells were counted with a Z2.

Ion Channels and Signaling in the Pituitary Gland

by SS Stojilkovic 2010 Cited by 166 the pituitary cells re- sulted in the discovery of autocrine and paracrine modes factor in the differentiation of anterior pituitary cells. The in intercellular communication (56, 57). the anterior pituitary as studied in reaggregate cell cultures.

Urocortin - American Physiological Society

19 Mar 2002 tion from other pituitary cells in a paracrine manner. (29, 31, 34). and ACTH output from cultured pituitary cells (1, 28) ontogeny studies of urocortin mRNA and protein expression, Schwartz J. Intercellular communication in the anterior pitu- anterior pituitary as studied in reaggregate cell cultures. Mi-.

Importance of Oocyte to Cumulus Cell Bi-directional Signalling

by CX Yeo 2010 Cited by 1 2.2 COLLECTION AND CULTURE OF CUMULUS OOCYTE COMPLEXES/ZYGOTES investigated. FSH/EGF were examined as modulators of CC to oocyte signalling, as these frequency and sensitivity of the anterior pituitary to GnRH. and paracrine communication between the follicular somatic cells and the oocyte.

Paracrine control of anterior pituitary hormone secretion

Paracrine control of anterior pituitary hormone secretion Intercellular communication is effected through the From studies using reaggregate cell cultures.


by R Lehmann 2000 study mitotic spindle orientation, we are conducting genetic screens for within the oocyte, bicoid RNA, localized to the anterior of the oocyte, is genes involved in cell to cell communication and pattern formation in Arabidop- sis. ureter bud and kidney mesenchyme and thus, Wnts act both as autocrine and paracrine.

Células folículo-‐estreladas da hipófise: Para onde evoluímos?

by MJMCN Pires 2018 Due to FSCs communication with their endocrine neighbours, this opens their uncertain functions in the adenohypophysis, with focus on the present research points that we Vankelecom H. and Denef C. (1997) Paracrine communication in the anterior pituitary as studied in reaggregate cell cultures. Microsc Res Tech 

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by JH Duffus 2016 Cited by 2 Hormone secreted by the pituitary gland and stimulating the adrenal cortex (see adrenal gland). adrenogenital syndrome. See congenital adrenal 

Novel Approaches to Positively Impact the Early Life

by BR Harstine 2016 personal and professional connections, been given the chance to study and work anterior pituitary and stimulates the gonadotrope cells to release LH. thereby exert its action on FSH secretion via paracrine mechanisms (Meunier et al., 1988; reaggregation, or maintenance of the structure of the seminiferous tubules 


Embryonic Drosophila cells in continuous culture undergo Research on antimicrobial compounds, the study intestinal paracrine-like factors, GI hormones, Using this medium with 30~ug/ml bovine pituitary anterior hypothalamic VP neurons by measuring their being maintained in a cell reaggregate culture system.

Cell Aggregate Culture System

by H Vankelecom 1989 Cited by 309 Reaggregate cell cultures of mouse or rat anterior pituitary were found to produce a role in ion transport as well as a paracrine role have been proposed [1 4]. as Percoll gradient fractions has been defined in our previous studies [4, 19,20]. C: Evidence for functional communication between folliculo-stellate cells and 

Role of Growth Factors and Cell Signaling in the - DTIC

by NG Bazan 1997 Somatostatin is a hypothalamic/pituitary regulatory peptide and a neuromodulator in a cell culture study of the ontogenesis of cellular location, content and release, Brain allow us to obtain a better picture of the cross-communication occurring between the by lateral diffusion through intermembrane bridges (17, 18).

Immunocytochemical evidence that S-100-positive cells of the

by H Vankelecom 1993 Cited by 109 is produced by rat and mouse (anterior) pituitary cells in vitro. IL6 is produced in reaggregate cell cultures of mouse pituitaries FS cells, mediated by paracrine factors (1,34). One of the present study we investigated the presence of IL6 in the mouse L, Carmeliet P: Cell-to-cell communication in peptide target cells of.


by T Fauquier 2001 Le réseau de cellules FS forme une route de communication à. 70 the anterior pituitary. Proceedings of the Son action en tant qu'agent paracrine a été mise en évidence dans des co-cultures de Only one study so far has shown in cultured FS cells studied in reaggregate cell cultures. Microsc Res 

Deciphering the ovarian proteomic impacts of obesity - Iowa

by KL Clark 2019 communication is also affected by a metabolic syndrome such as obesity or GDM hormone released from the pituitary binds to receptors in the theca cells and primordial follicle loss, studies have found the level of caspase-mediated cell differentiation of cultured granulosa cells from small antral and preovulatory rat.

The science and engineering of stem cell -

25 Jan 2020 lines, and stem cells, and introduce engineering studies when Traditionally, embryos were dissociated and reaggregated to study 2012), anterior pituitary (Suga, Kadoshima et al. 2011) communication and tissue dynamics (Lancaster, Renner et al. Paracrine signals regulate human liver organoid.

Nestin-Immunoreactive Cells in Rat Pituitary Are neither

by O Krylyshkina 2005 Cited by 98 tor cells. The present study explored whether nestin immu- noreactivity (nestin-ir) is tin-ir remained present in pituitary cultured as three-dimen- sional aggregates. Vankelecom H, Denef C 1997 Paracrine communication in the anterior pi- tuitary as studied in reaggregate cell cultures. Microsc Res 

Recent Progress in Stem Cell Research of the Pituitary Gland

by M Toda 2020 The anterior PG contains hormone-producing cells and non-hormone-producing cells such as folliculostellate cells and vascular cells. Because 

Paracrine communication in the anterior pituitary as studied in

by H Vankelecom 1997 Cited by 46 Paracrine Communication in the Anterior Pituitary as Studied in Reaggregate Cell Cultures. HUGO VANKELECOM* AND CARL DENEF.


by C Liu 2014 Cited by 114 Besides the paracrine regulations between oocyte and somatic cells, gap junction‐mediated intercellular communications is also crucial during folliculogenesis.

McCann, Weiner (eds.), Integrative Neuroendocrinology

Communication with Gonadotrophs, Lactotrophs, In contrast to monolayer cultures, there is no proliferation of fibroblasts. Hormone secretion from aggregates could be easily studied in a (1-1,000 nM) rise of GH release from perifused rat anterior pituitary cells contacts or through the secretion of a paracrine factor.

The Use of Counterflow Centrifugation to Enrich

by GV Childs 2001 Cited by 8 crine or paracrine regulation, or ion channel functions. (J Histochem Cytochem 49:663 664, 2001). THE ANTERIOR PITUITARy consists of a mixture of 1983). Studies of responses and functions of Vankelecom H, Denef C (1997) Paracrine communication in the an- terior pituitary as studied in reaggregate cell cultures.

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by D Bosco 2011 Cited by 170 cells (paracrine communication), sometimes even affects the The lines in bold outline the genes coding for mouse connexin Cx36 and Cx40, cells expressing Cx43 so that future studies should assess cells of the anterior pituitary, depending on the type of ruption of islets or reaggregation of single islet cells (44,.

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by YR Lou Cited by 54 of embryonic (ESC) and induced pluripotent (iPSC) stem cell cultures derived from rodent,. 79 Studies involving organoid generation have rapidly evolved in recent years, organization, inter-cellular communication, and functionality. amphibian embryos were dissociated and allowed to re-aggregate (Townes and 

Hedgehog signaling in endocrine and folliculo-stellate cells of

by DS Botermann 2021 status of the adult pituitary gland on cellular level and studied the impact of a deregulated pathway in endocrine and non-endocrine pituitary cells using in vivo 

Effects of Cellular Interactions on Calcium Dynamics in - IBGM

by EJ ABRAHAM 1998 Cited by 5 communication among cells of the anterior pituitary gland, and the modulation of hormone secretion within pituitary cultures In a recent study on intercellular communication and gene PARACRINE COMMUNICATION AND CALCIUM DYNAMICS IN MAMMOTROPES pituitary as studied in reaggregate cell cultures.

Endocrine Trainee Day - Class of 2011 - Endocrine Society

studies are revealing that heteromerization leads to activation of distinct signaling paracrine communication within the cumulus-oocyte complex during IVM is p50 in the anterior pituitary gland as well as Bcl-xL expression (C: 1.0 ± 0.0, LPS: 1.4 cells, we used purified rat cerebellar granule cells in reaggregate culture.

Intercellular Communication in the Anterior Pituitary*

by J Schwartz 2000 Cited by 138 cells of the anterior pituitary are influenced by the activity of factors secreted within the Factors That Are Potential Paracrine Messengers in the. Anterior Pituitary (5 9), and the use of reaggregate cultures to study intrapi- tuitary interactions 


by L Hofland 1989 Cited by 1 PROLACTIN RELEASE BY CULTURED PITUITARY. ADENOMA illustrated by several studies demonstrating paracrine interactions communication between anterior pituitary cell types has been given by the reaggregates (28). Denef et