A Quantitative Measure For Path Structures Of Complex Networks

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Static and dynamic properties of selected stochastic

by JK Ochab Cited by 1 of random processes intertwines with the structure of complex networks. J.K. Ochab, Maximal-entropy random walk unifies centrality measures,. Phys. Rev.

Physics Reports Structure-oriented prediction in complex

by ZM Ren 2018 Cited by 24 Node-oriented microscopic prediction of network structure. So far, various centrality measures have been applied to predict or identify 

Automatic Extraction and Quantitative Evaluation of - COLIPS

by K Ma of complex network provides a quantitative basis for the implementation path of automatic extraction of character relationships.

The Structure of Complex Networks

by SL Jørgensen 2007 Cited by 2 shortest paths between all pairs of nodes in a network and calculate the fraction. 14This may be due to the stratified structure of actual internet into  151 pages

Measure for degree heterogeneity in complex networks and its

by R Jacob Cited by 30 The topology or structure of a complex network is determined by the manner in are the clustering coefficient (CC) and the characteristic path length.

Symmetry in Complex Networks - MDPI

by A Garrido 2011 Cited by 26 Complex Networks measures can be defined over adjacency matrices; Because of such a type of structure, they have the lowest path length 

The Structure and Function of Complex Networks - SIAM

by MEJ Newman 2003 Cited by 21608 that can be reached from it by paths running along edges of the graph. The quantity l can be measured for a network of n vertices and m edges in time.

An Improved Method for Measuring the - IEEE Xplore

by M Lei 2019 Cited by 7 ABSTRACT Although structure entropy is a useful method to measure the complexity of complex networks, there exist shortcomings, such as the 

Physica A Detecting the community structure in complex

by YQ Niu 2008 Cited by 22 to detect community structures in complex networks, which have dense internal devised a quantitative measure called modularity Q to evaluate the quality 

Characterization of complex networks: A survey of

by LF Costa 2005 Cited by 2441 of measuring the structural properties of evolving networks in The quantity Dl = NMl is the number of paths returning to the same vertex.

Measuring and Modeling Bipartite Graphs with - OSTI.GOV

by TG Kolda 2016 Cited by 38 Measuring and Modeling Bipartite Graphs with Community Structure Network science is a powerful tool for analyzing complex systems in fields ranging from 

Link Prediction in Large-scale Complex Networks

by M Pujari 2015 Keywords: Complex networks, Link prediction, Supervised rank aggregation, Multi- and Girvan provide a quantitative measure for such a structure, 

How to Identify the Most Powerful Node in Complex Networks

by T Qiao 2017 Cited by 34 a novel mechanism is proposed to quantitatively measure centrality and path-based centrality measures mentioned above is that structural 

Communicability in complex networks

by E Estrada Cited by 546 We propose a new measure of the communicability of a complex network, which is a broad generalization of the concept of the shortest path.

Modularity Density for Evaluating Community Structure in

8 Jan 2015 modeled as complex networks [1], where nodes (or vertices) call this quantitative measure the bipartite modularity density.

Modelling community structure and temporal spreading on

by V Kuikka 2020 Complex networks, Community detection, Influence spreading model, Network different quantitative measures for comparing and ranking solutions of the 

Form and Function of Complex Networks - DiVA Portal

by P Holme 2004 Cited by 16 have much in common with complex network studies in general: What are the relevant structures in the networks? Many structural measures.

the role of isolated nodes and leafs on clustering measures for

by M Kaiser 2008 Cited by 92 A quantitative measure for path structures of complex networks. H. F. Hansen, C. A. Andresen and A. Hansen. -. Recent citations.

Motif-based communities in complex networks - DEIM (URV)

by A Arenas Cited by 107 Modular structure in complex networks has become a challenging subject of study and (ii) it provides with a quantitative measure to find them.

A Correlation Network Model for Structural Health Monitoring

by A Fuchsberger Cited by 4 Measuring mode shapes is difficult and research has shown that mode shapes are not much affected by local structural damage [6]. The matrix update method 

A Complex Network Analysis of Human Mobility - Eurecom

by T Hossmann Cited by 97 us to analyze the structure of a scenario using tools from complex network analysis and structure), [14] finding short average path length in oppor-.6 pages

Towards a Theory of Scale-Free Graphs - Project Euclid

by L Li 2005 Cited by 663 and quantitative alternative, while suggesting the potential for a rich Recent research into the structure of several important complex networks pre-.


by F Xie Cited by 364 This study investigates the measurement of road network structure. heterogeneity of a complex network can be further statistically quantified. Sole and.31 pages


by W Akram 2019 Cited by 3 A smart grid can be considered as a complex network where each node represents a The SNA provides quantitative measures to give network topological.

Hierarchy Measures in Complex Networks - Sergei Maslov

by A Trusina Cited by 152 Using each node's degree as a proxy for its importance, the topological hierarchy of a complex network is introduced and quantified.4 pages

Complex networks - Coventry University

by R de Regt 2018 de Regt, R. (2018) Complex networks: shape, topology and spatial In fact, the measure of shortest path are often restricted to the giant 

Exploring the network structure and nodal centrality of ChinaБ

by J Wang 2011 Cited by 400 Measures for overall network structure include degree distribution, average path length and clustering coefficient. Centrality metrics for individ-.

Modeling and Measuring Graph Similarity: The Case for

by M Roy Cited by 23 The study of the topological structure of complex networks compare complex graphs, and quantitatively measure their similarity.

Algorithms For Discovering Communities In Complex Networks

by H Balakrishnan 2006 Cited by 1 with a known community structure using several centrality metrics. Performance was measured as the percentage of nodes that were correctly classified.

Networks of the Brain: Quantitative Analysis and Modeling

analysis of random graphs, modern network science, with its renewed focus on real-world systems, brain connectivity, describing structural, functional,.

Modelling community structure and temporal spreading on

by V Kuikka 2021 Network science is a field that studies a wide range of properties and phenomena on different quantitative measures for comparing and ranking network.38 pages

Generalized modularity measure for evaluating community

by X Ma keyword: complex networks; community structure; modularity; resolution limit a new quantitative measure for evaluating the clustering of a network into.

Influences of Network Topology on Human Learning - web

by EA Karuza 2016 Cited by 67 empirical evidence motivate the importance of scaling-up quantitative complex network structure, a type of graph structure that is neither truly random 

Complex networks: Structure and dynamics - Cosnet

by S Boccalettia 2006 Cited by 10949 structure and dynamics of complex networks, and summarize the relevant applications of Shortest path lengths, diameter and betweenness 134 pages

Error and attack tolerance of complex networks - Barabasi

by R Albert 1992 It is necessary to develop quantitative measures of phase infor- removal of these 'small' nodes does not alter the path structure of.

Brain network similarity: methods and applications - Journals

by A Mheich 2020 Cited by 10 quantify the complex brain network. However, much less attention has been paid to methods that quantitatively compare two graphs, a crucial issue in the 

Centers of Complex Networks - Qucosa - Leipzig

by S Wuchty 2003 Cited by 384 on the global structure of networks and introduce centrality measures and their society, it is quantified in terms of the number of shortest paths that 

Modularity and Dynamics on Complex Networks - Michael

In particular, degree heterogeneity, finite size effects and modular structure can all make diffusion processes on networks quantitatively and even 

Measuring and Understanding Segregation

by D Haw 2015 We highlight the complex nature of segregation by computing these measures on a range of different network structures, showing.

Properties of fracture networks and other network - CORE

by CA Andresen Cited by 4 Paper II: A quantitative measure for path structures of complex networks. In close collaboration with Henning Frydenlund Hansen I developed 

Complex networks theory and precursors of financial crashes

by A Tuliakova 2020 Cited by 3 you to enter new quantitative measures of complexity not existing for the time series Most complex systems inform their structural and dynamic nature by  15 pages

Complex network dynamics of the topological structure in a

by N Peng 2020 complex networks theory. The topological correlation structures of geochemical elements have a high clustering coefficient (0.8120 0.8880), 


This gives a quantitative measure of the complexity of the business and, each position forming a complex network instead of a hierarchical structure.

Revisiting the small-world phenomenon - [email protected]

by T OPSAHL 2017 Cited by 14 Strogatz (1998) relies on two different properties of networks: path-length and clustering. Path- length is a measure of the number of intermediaries 

Analysis of Complex Networks - Berner Fachhochschule

factors? To quantify structural information, one needs a quantitative approach. A quantitative network measure is a mapping I : G −→ IR+.

Quantitative Controllability Index of Complex Networks

by L Wang 2018 Cited by 3 far the network is from being uncontrollable. Such a route may be called quantitative index measure controllability of complex network.

Dynamic Phenomena on Complex Networks

by L Dall'Asta 2006 Cited by 4 2 Structure of complex networks: an Overview of different statistical measures is based on the notions of distance and shortest path,.

Development of Human Brain Structural Networks Through

by H Huang 2015 Cited by 134 networks, and the underlying topological properties were quantified nodal efficiency, which measures the average shortest path length.

Hierarchy measure for complex networks arXiv:1202.0191v2

by E Mones 2012 Cited by 188 Here we develop an approach and propose a quantity (measure) which is visualization technique of the hierarchical structure of complex 

Structural and dynamical analysis of complex networks Djibril

by D Mboup 2016 Cited by 2 qualitative elements into a solvable framework from which we can gain path length represents the most useful measure in the complex networks analysis.19 pages