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Science Journals AAAS - Joseph Poore

by J Poore Cited by 1200 SUSTAINABILITY. Reducing indicators; 38,700 farms; and 1600 processors, packaging types, and retailers. Impact can gregated the farm stage into 20 emission sources. greater than 10th-percentile dairy beef impacts.

Impact of Climate Change on Smallholder Dairy Production

Jun 21, 2018 Keywords: Climate Change; Smallholder dairy production; Mitigation; Sub saharan africa. Abbreviations: Agricultural Research & Technology: Open Access Journal. How to cite this part of their digestive process (enteric fermentation), manure Attaining sustainable dairy productivity requires utilizing.

The Dairy Community's Contributions to Sustainable Nutrition

and least donated items for food banks.41 As of 2014, these food banks of the DGA.ii, 42, 43 Some in the dairy community, including processors and retailers, are Other dairy professionals are continually driving scientific research and.

Research on Environmental, Economic, and Social - MDPI

by K Arvidsson Segerkvist 2020 Cited by 5 from the food industry, into milk and meat, which justifies their role in food production. However, modern 

2018 Business & Sustainability Report - The Coca-Cola

Apr 24, 2019 our industry are changing rapidly and, as chairman sports drinks; juice, dairy and plant- 1 The financial statement line items in Summary of Operations were unfavorably impacted by the refranchising of and relevant scientific and technical methodologies, which are aligned with GHG Protocol Scopes 

The Potential for Biochar to Enhance Sustainability in the

Sustainability in the Dairy Industry. Written by: The methodology used in this paper combines a review of the peer-reviewed literature with a Table 1 highlights a number of papers that analyzed various characteristics of manure-derived.

Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the dairy industry

by W Qingbin 2020 Cited by 4 Journal of Integrative Agriculture 2020, 19(12): 2903 2915 processors survive this pandemic in the short term, the dairy industries and governments need to work together to sustainability of the dairy industries in the two nations and.

dairy wastewater treatment option for rural settlments by vermi

by R Rustum 2020 Keywords: Dairy, Wastewater Treatment, Vermi Bio-filtration, Vermi composting. 1. INTRODUCTION effluent per liter of processed milk with an average distribution of around proposed for sustainable wastewater treatment of dairy wastewater International Journal of GEOMATE, March, 2020, Vol.18, Issue 67, pp. 33-38.

U.S. Dairy Sustainability Commitment Progress Report

Publication in peer-reviewed journals in 2012. Comprehensive Processing and Packaging. LCA for Fluid milk. Principal investigator: Dr. Greg Thoma,. University 

A review of determinants for dairy farmer - IOPscience

by MT Niles 2019 Cited by 8 Manure management manure handling, processing, storage and stewardship is increasing for dairy production that meets multiple sustainability goals. conduct a systematic literature review of peer-reviewed articles 

Sustainable Procurement in British Dairy Supply Chain - White

by WR ZHAO 2017 Cited by 1 In order to encapsulate the meaning of both purchasing and supply, many academic publications, such as the. Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management, 


Apr 11, 2020 tribute articles to the next journal, with 218 Gender equality for a sustainable future: G20 governance of the gender equality global standard-setting process requires legitimacy by moderate amounts of dairy, chicken and.

Ways to Reduce Restaurant Industry Food Waste Costs

by D Blum 2020 Cited by 1 industry generated approximately 33 lb of food waste per $1,000 of a restaurant's revenue (Juvan et al.,. 2018). International Journal of Applied Management and Technology. 2 Chocolate milk consequences: A pilot study evaluating the Sustainability, 9, 807 824.

2019 ESG Report - Kroger Sustainability

versible damage, lack of full scientific certainty shall not be used as a reason for Represents the U.S. dairy manufacturing and marketing industry and suppliers, including At present, the majority of the paper packaging items we source into.

International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment Call - Springer

International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment. Call for Papers for a Special Issue: Sustainability Issues of Food Processing and. Packaging: The Role of Life 

The Nestlé Sustainability Review

41 Marketing of breast-milk substitutes. 41 Infant formula At Nestlé, we define sustainable development as the process of increasing Shareholders adopt and amend the Articles of Association; If agreed, support for scientific activities are 

Business and Sustainability - Harvard Business School

by AK Bergquist 2017 Cited by 19 and failure in that process, but there now exists a compelling stream of new the editors of the same journal noticed that business historians had still general, from organic food and drink products such as organic milk (Broberg, 2010) to.

Impacts of COVID-19 on the US Dairy Industry - Worcester

by C Mulvey 2020 Cited by 1 pandemic on the dairy industry by analyzing dairy market trends, interviewing dairy farmers, sustainable small dairy farmers through 2020, from Farm Journal's Milk website:

Corporate investments in supply chain sustainability - Boston

by X Rueda 2017 Cited by 126 Ltd. All rights reserved. Journal of Cleaner Production 142 (2017) 2480e2492 sustainability instruments adopted in the agri-food industry and the conditions ronmental impacts from the dairy sector, but rather to help maintain traditional 

The Sustainability Practices among Dairy Farmers - AgEcon

by ZM Karim 2016 Cited by 3 the descriptive thoughts on sustainability among Malaysian dairy farmers as well as International Journal of Agricultural Management and Development (IJAMAD). Available development process should includes the three dimensions of 

Dairy Goats: Sustainable Production - UCCE Central Sierra

marketing, processing, regulations, and budgeting and economics. It includes This is a companion piece to ATTRA's Goats: Sustainable Production Overview. The Overview the Dairy Goat Journal, issues a strong warning to the farmer 

Future food system research priorities - Journal of Agriculture

by AD Blay-Palmer 2013 Cited by 18 Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development. ISSN: 2152-0801 online Future food system research priorities: A sustainable food systems perspective from composed of farmers, processors and distributors, economic advisors supply managed (i.e., dairy and poultry) that allows for both greater 

Application of Solar energy for sustainable Dairy Development

by DD Desai 2013 Cited by 31 European Journal of Sustainable Development (2013), 2, 4, 131-140. ISSN: 2239-5938 conventional energy is common practice for major processing of milk.

The Environmental Sustainability of Paper - ScholarlyCommons

by R Smith 2011 Cited by 63 environmental impact the paper industry has created as well as the Vol. 1(1). This journal article is available in Graduate Studies Journal of 

Methane Emissions from Dairy Cattle - Sustainable Dairy's

ferment food as a major part of the digestion process). Methane is Sustainable Dairy Fact Sheet Series. Methane Methane can be emitted from both natural and man-made sources. Wetlands Journal of Dairy Science 98 (2015): 1571-92.

An analysis of the Brazilian dairy industry efficiency level

by LP Lima 2018 Cited by 4 International Food Research Journal 25(6): 2478-2485 (December 2018). Journal dairy industry based on the use of the inputs: energy (thermal and electrical), raw material. (milk), and is a common issue in the sustainability goals of any.

On Sustainability of a Dairy Sector in Crisis - CORE

by I Pappa 2019 Cited by 4 the relevant scholarly literature studying the sustainability concept around the They suggest that a sustainable dairy farmer's‐processor's relationship is a The indicators that are single ‐ items directly measured from the raw data are.

Literature Review: A Comparison of Dairy Production Systems

by D Conner 2009 Cited by 4 The review was based on peer-reviewed research papers identified by Much of the literature examining the social impacts of dairy farming has focused on the and feed processing, the loss of forest for crop production, and carbon loss from agriculture on promoting sustainable production practices.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions from the Dairy Sector - Food and

Annex 2: Overview of the database and data sources. Calculated GHG emissions at farm gate from the processing of raw milk in selected countries extension efforts to improve the sustainability performance of dairy farming. and livestock production systems, from renowned academic and research institutions and the.

International Journal for Quality research

Keywords: Dairy industry, barriers, supply chain, productivity, interpretive structural modeling (ISM),. MICMAC analysis. 1. Introduction1. India is the largest 

Journal of Dairy Science® Scientific Sections1 - American

research, invited review articles, and other scholarly work that relates to the production and processing of milk or milk The journal is broadly divided into dairy foods and dairy Sustainability methods for dairy production and processing 

Agribusiness Summer 2020 - An Irish Farmers Journal Report

AgriBusiness 2020 is published by the Irish Farmers Journal, Irish Farm Centre, Bluebell, Dublin 12. IN DAIRY,. BEEF AND. SHEEP on health and sustainability. CL SE. EYE 48 west Cork dairy processor Carbery has developed a.

Journal Specific Embargo Periods - Elsevier

ISSN. Journal Name. Embargo Period (months). 1876-2859. Academic Pediatrics. 12. 1076-6332. Academic Radiology. 12. 0001-4575. Accident Analysis & 

Sustainably Sourced Junk Food? - Journals Gateway MIT

by C Scott 2018 Cited by 22 foods in sustainable diets has received less attention than meat, dairy, and eggs but This article argues that Big Food's pursuit of sustainable sourcing as a key Defined as made from processed substances extracted or refined from whole However, few in the academic community have explored the power and politics.

Milk And Dairy Product Technology Food Science And

TechnologyModern Technology Of Milk Processing & Dairy Products (4th Sustainable alternatives and designs for the dairy processing plants of the future are ISBN 978 1 4051 3618 1 International Journal of Dairy Technology Published 

Driving Sustainability in Dairy Farming from a TBL - MDPI

by A Zanin 2020 In this research project, the sustainability of dairy farming in the western region of Santa. Catarina process of change towards new and more competitive standards in the industry [49].

A Literature Review of the Risks and Benefits of Consuming

by BJK Davis 2014 Cited by 11 1000 scientific articles for consideration in our review. We then at all points during milk processing, including the equipment and practices on the farm (Leedom. 2006). environmentally sustainable and can support the local economy.

Journal Of Dairy Research - BlinkProds

with Subject IndexIndian Journal of Dairy ScienceThe Australian Journal of Dairy Sustainable Production of MilkNew Zealand Journal of Dairy Science and Post-process contamination is also a major factor that can affect the shelf life of 

Towards a contribution to sustainable management of a dairy

by FU Ferreira 2020 Cited by 1 This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative in particular has begun to garner immense academic and industry attention.

A vision for dairy farms and cows in 2067 - Journal of Dairy

by JH Britt 2018 Cited by 95 Dairy farming and processing facilities in these countries will produce dairy products for import into. China (Australia Plus, 2017). Figure 1. Square meters of land 

The role of dairy and plant based dairy alternatives in

by E Röös 2018 Cited by 5 research on the broad topic of sustainable diets, dairy and plant-based dairy alternatives, dairy alternatives have been published in scientific journals, but some LCA Reduce the level of salt/sodium added to food (prepared or processed).

Sustainability of the US dairy industry - DigitalCommons

by MAG von Keyserlingk 2013 Cited by 178 Reprinted with permission from the United States. Department of Agriculture (Washington, DC). Color version available in the online PDF. Page 7. Journal of Dairy 

Public concerns about dairy-cow welfare - CSIRO Publishing

by DM Weary 2017 Cited by 49 credible sources of information than are livestock industry Scientific research on the welfare of dairy cattle has a well established track record in Boogaard BK, Oosting SJ, Bock BB (2008) Defining sustainability as a socio-.

Environmental Issues In Dairy Processing Nzic - Profile

ProcessingSustainable Dairy ProductionGoat ScienceTackling Climate Change Environmental Impacts of Dairy Processing Plants WasteCleaner Production Food Production and ProcessingUnsavory TruthThe Australian Journal of Dairy.

Methane, Cows, and Climate Change: California Dairy's Path

Sep 2, 2020 The U.S. dairy industry recently announced efforts to address climate change, boldly aiming for carbon This finding, recently published in the Journal of Dairy Science, comes from a crop yields, veterinary care, sustainable.

What are the Effects of Raw vs. Pasteurized Milk Consumption

by K Sholing 2011 Journal ?, ?, 85-95. 11. Fritsch, J. and Moraru, C.I. (2008). Development and optimization of a carbon dioxide-aided cold microfiltration process 

Walmart's Emergent Low-Cost Sustainable Product Strategy

by A Spicer Cited by 15 accounts, but others were in the process of enacting sustainability strategy. Overall, As Lee Scott told a Wall Street Journal reporter, If the customer wants bottled water, we The Dairy Farmers of America promised that by 2020, more than 

analyzing college students' perceptions of the dairy industry

by EN Allen 2018 dairy industry before and after visiting an operating dairy farm to see if their perceptions changed, if at all. Journal Of Sustainable Tourism, 21(2),. 252-270.

Scientific appraisal of the Irish grass-based milk - JSTOR

by B O'Brien 2017 Cited by 7 Irish Journal of Agricultural and Food Research industry is characterised by sustainable milk production from the sustainability of the Irish dairy industry.

A collection of success stories from the dairy industry - Cabot

sampling of those leading the way toward a strong, sustainable dairy industry. Meet a few of the According to the Journal of Animal Science, with improved