Effects Of Heavy Ions On Kinetic Alfvn Waves

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The Solar Wind: Our Current Understanding and How We Got

by JV Hollweg Cited by 55 covery of Alfvén waves in the solar wind led to a long series of models in which Indeed, one of our conclusions will be that microscale kinetic processes are would soon obtain for coronal holes: hot coronal protons, and heavy ions which Finally, we note that other authors investigated the effects of hot coronal protons.

Alfvénic Turbulence in the Extended Solar Corona: Kinetic

by SR Cranmer 2003 Cited by 209 Alfvénic Turbulence in the Extended Solar Corona: Kinetic Effects and Proton Heating sured extremely high heavy ion temperatures, faster bulk 1For kinetic Alfvén waves, the parallel electron velocity fluctuation begins to dominate when 

On ion-cyclotron-resonance heating of the corona and solar

by E Marsch 2003 Cited by 15 distributions is presented, yielding kinetic results for heavy ions in the solar and Alfvén or oblique ion-cyclotron waves in coronal holes. Generally timation of the wave effects, because the resonance function,. Rj (k,s) 

Kinetic Simulations of Electron Acceleration by Dispersive

by PA Damiano 2019 Cited by 10 Abstract Electron acceleration by dispersive scale Alfvén waves at Jupiter on the order of the ion orbit around the field line), kinetic effects allow for more realistic heavy ion mass in the torus will also act to reduce the wave.

Circularly polarized Alfvén and ion cyclotron waves in space

by L Gomberoff 1995 Cited by 18 in the energy transfer from the pump wave to the heavy-ion species. This can occur through the amplitude waves. Inhester [22], using a drift-kinetic treatment, has shown that thermal effects reduce the maximum growth.

Multi-ion-species effects on low-frequency electromagnetic

Multi-ion-species effects on thermal equilibrium, the amplitudes of heavy-ion cutoff modes, whose frequencies Owing to the damping, ion kinetic energy is increased. modes consisting of electrostatic ion Bernstein waves are practically damped [3] magnetosonic mode with ω ≈ kvA, where vA is the Alfvén speed, ion 

Observation of fast-ion Doppler-shifted cyclotron resonance

by Y Zhang 2008 Cited by 13 −kzvz=f between fast ions and shear Alfvén waves is experimentally propagation: the kinetic Alfvén wave KAW for plasma electrons having a shown in Table II, the classical transport effects can be readily decoupled from ages the lithium emitter and poses a heavy load on the emit- ter bias power 

Study of multi-ions plasma in various space regions and wave

He+ and O+ ions on kinetic Alfvén waves with application to. PSBL region and found that the multi-ions undergoing mirroring effect influence KAW nature dissimilar to H+ ions. O+ and He+ With heavy oxygen ion gyration, hydrogen and.

Solar wind and kinetic heliophysics - ANGEO

by E Marsch 2018 Cited by 12 physics and elucidates the role Alfvén waves play in solar wind acceleration and anisotropic protons and heavy ion beams. Besides macro- arate spatial and temporal effects, to cover ±7.5◦ of solar lat- itude, and to study 

Effects of dust-charge fluctuation on the damping of Alfvén

by MC Juli 2005 Cited by 24 Kinetic Alfvén waves in a homogeneous dusty magnetoplasma with dust charge fluctuation effects. Phys. below the ion-cyclotron frequency, but well above the dust- tion, in order to fully appreciate the effect of the heavy.


by RL Lysak 2001 present in the auroral zone, these Alfven waves must be described by kinetic theory, and parallel strong gradients in the density, temperature, and magnetic field strength along the magnetic field lines. their effect on the velocity space structure of auroral particles. other hand, ions that originate in the ionosphere.

Compound Effect of Alfvén Waves and Ion-cyclotron - arXiv

by CB Wang 2014 Cited by 4 Minor ions, namely, alpha particles and other heavy ions which The low-frequency Alfvén waves and kinetic Alfvén waves have attracted extensive attentions.

Nonlinear inertial and kinetic Alfven waves - Wiley

by E Dubinin 2005 Cited by 13 Assessment of kinetic effects (the Vlasov equations) shows that a maximum of the phase speed of kinetic Alfven wave remains but shifts to smaller k, and therefore the maximum moves further to smaller k (f $ 0.8fi, where fi is the heavy ion 

Global Solar Wind Interaction and Ionospheric Dynamics

by WH Ip Cited by 28 Alfvén's magnetic field draping model, describing dif- waves and plasma instabilities generated in the comet-so- lar wind Bright comets usually display strong ion emission in the particle kinetic effects are expected to dominate the solar.

Solar wind and kinetic heliophysics - DOI

Alfvén waves excited by reconnection in the network contribute to the driving of to provide the opportunity to separate spatial and temporal effects, to cover the heavy ions tend have higher temperatures than the protons in proportion to 

Wave dissipation by ion cyclotron resonance in the solar corona

by CY Tu 2001 Cited by 49 creates high-frequency Alfvén waves, and that these waves may represent the main energy source for the heating of the solar in the extended corona after the absorption by heavy ions (Cranmer 2000). larization effects they would have on radio waves, as was the complete quasilinear theory and sophisticated kinetic.

Energization and Acceleration of Dayside Polar - DiVA

by S Arvelius 2005 Cited by 3 to a few RE) 9. 2.1.4 Effects of magnetic activity, solar cycle and seasons 9 outflow of light and heavy ions distributed in space and time? Which outflow re- For instance, kinetic Alfvén waves propagating along magnetic field lines.

Kinetic Models of Solar Wind Electrons, Protons and Heavy Ions

21 Mar 2012 using a Fokker-Planck term in the evolution equation, the effects of wave turbulence for the electrons and those of kinetic Alfven waves for the 

Plasma Interaction of Io with its Plasma Torus - Laboratory for

by J Saur Cited by 108 of light ions, actually represented heavy ions (see reviews in. Belcher (1983) and currents and on radiation properties of the Alfven waves in the torus. Additional including electron inertia and kinetic effects become impor- tant (e.g., Crary 

The effect of oxygen ions on the stability and - arXiv

by PS Moya 2021 Kinetic Alfvén Waves (KAW) are Alfvénic waves that appear when, at large to the study on the effect of heavy ions on the dispersion relation, 

Perpendicular Ion Heating by Low-frequency Alfven-wave

by Q Xia 2012 4.4.5 The Effect of /? and Parallel Heating. (SOHO) satellite found that the temperature of heavy ions is larger than the pro ton temperature in the At k±p > 1, Alfven waves become kinetic Alfven waves (KAW) (Hollweg, 1999a;. Howes et al.

How do heavy ions affect plasma entry and transport processes?

15 Dec 2010 Heavy ions can dominate the mass content Reconnection, Kelvin-Helmholtz, Kinetic Alfven Wave Effect of Magnetic Shear & Heavy Ions.

207353781.pdf - CORE

by E Marsch 1999 Cited by 23 of ions with Alfvén waves and ion-cyclotron waves or magnetosonic waves evidence for the heavy ions to have about equal thermal speeds. Furthermore ordering of their kinetic temperatures according to the speed, an effect which explains naturally the observed the calculations the assumption of initial thermal equi-.

Wave-particle interaction of Alfven waves in Jupiter's

by J Saur 2018 Cited by 24 and some of its consequences are the subject of this work. Jupiter. Kinetic Alfvén waves and their role in auroral particle acceleration have been studied extensively at gen ions in this region even though heavy ions have been identified in.

Muhammad Fraz Bashir - UCLA Experimental Space Physics

Understand the effects of ion composition and density gradient on wave-particle interaction and excitation and propagation of drift kinetic Alfven waves, and 

Compound Effect of Alfvén Waves and Ion-Cyclotron Waves

by CB Wang 2014 Cited by 4 heavy ions that are heavier than helium, carry much information on the The low-frequency Alfvén waves and kinetic Alfvén waves have recently attracted ex-.

Acceleration of heavy Ions to MeV/nucleon - Elektronische

by BM Hegelich 2002 Cited by 17 energy to heavy ion energy of > 5 % has been achieved for optimal heating could be shown by simulations with a 1-dimensional kinetic code which was tries to give a scaling of the effects to the new bigger laser systems currently under Heat transfer and dissipation, shock waves and plasma expan- the Alfvén-limit.

Solitary kinetic Alfvén waves in dense plasmas with relativistic

by MK AHMED 2018 Cited by 2 Propagation of solitary kinetic Alfvén waves (KAWs) is investigated in small but finite b. (particle-to-magnetic dominant role over ion gyroradius effect for. Q. b. The For example, the presence of heavy ions not only 

Heating of Heavy Ions in Low-beta Compressible - IOPscience

by X Fu 2020 Cited by 1 shown that in this regime the injected large-amplitude Alfvén waves develop the hybrid model captures ion kinetic effects and self-consistent.

1 This paper was resubmitted to Journal Geophysical

by N Singh Cited by 18 show that narrow-structured Alfvén waves, believed to be the kinetic Alfvén learn that the resonance effect, in combination with the drifts of heavy and light ions.

Analysis and gyrokinetic simulation of MHD Alfvén wave

by KD Nielson 2012 Cited by 3 We also examine the effect of wave amplitude upon the validity of our analytic 1.5.3 Plasma turbulence in the strong limit and critical balance. 24 1.6.4 Kinetic effects line) and the ion (red) and electron(blue) contributions to collisionless.

Simulation studies of acceleration of heavy ions and their

by M Toida 1996 Cited by 60 mechanism of accelerating heavy ions by magnetosonic waves. of heavier ions are much smaller than the wave propagation speed, which is about the Alfven This method enables us to study various phenomena and effects (wave gain kinetic energy more slowly, with time scale ~ (%)~ Heavy ion species have about.

Study of Alfven Eigenmodes in Tokamak COMPASS

by T Markovic Having both MHD and kinetic character plasma Alfven eigenmodes This effect would have negative impact on fusion yield and might lead to In above relation, quantity cs represents ion sound speed (relation between plasma which is responsible for strong damping of continuum waves via mechanism of phase 

Chiral magnetohydrodynamics for heavy-ion collisions

by Y Hirono 2017 Cited by 5 The nature of the Alfven wave is affected by anomalous chiral effects. Another approach for describing heavy-ion collisions is chiral kinetic theory [36, 37, 38, 

Dispersion characteristics of kinetic Alfven waves - IOPscience

1 May 2014 Keywords: kinetic Alfven wave, stability, multi-ion plasma, comets. 1. Introduction the effect of finite electron pressure and ion gyroradius on the shear Alfven wave study, the pickup of heavy ions was envisioned to occur in.

Quantum Treatment of Kinetic Alfvén Waves instability in a

by N Rubab 2016 Cited by 2 Alfvén Waves instability in a dusty plasma: Magnetized ions and its effect on low frequency modes like dust kinetic Alfvén wave instability. We report the The heavy dust grains may be an important factor in diminishing 

Generation and dissipation of Alfvén-cyclotron turbulence in

7 Heating and acceleration of heavy ions in CHs and fast solar wind matic nonlinear Alfvén-cyclotron waves with solar wind ions as a possible source for kinetic effects like particle trapping in the potential well of large-amplitude daughter 


by R Koch Cited by 32 Then, the lower hybrid and Alfvén wave heating and current drive for possible focusing effects, the field inside the plasma is lower than at the antenna, 

Direct evidence for twofluid effects in molecular clouds

by DA Tilley 2010 Cited by 27 In particular, the Alfvén waves are always strongly damped on scales smaller a 'heavy ion approximation' (HIA; Oishi & Mac Low 2006; Li et al. 2008a), which v2 of the neutrals (dotted line), specific kinetic energy of the ions. (solid line) 

Effects of Heavy Ions on ULF Wave Resonances - OSTI.GOV

by DH Lee 2008 Cited by 33 effect of heavy ions on low frequency dispersion relations was summarized by Rauch and. Roux [1982] The kinetic effects of finite temperature on corresponds to the Alfven resonance in the low frequency limit (ω ≪ ωcj) such as in. MHD.

Inertial Alfvén waves in auroral acceleration region with H+

20 Jun 2019 heavy ions in background plasma. B P. Varma Keywords Inertial Alfvén waves Multi-ions plasma Alfvén speed (i.e. vT e ≪ VA), where, the effect of finite electron mass of multi-ions. Recently, kinetic Alfvén wave.

CDNGYT - Repositorio CONICYT

i] Alfvén!ion-cyclotron waves have been observed in several regions of the magnetosphere. heavy ion gyrofrequency and, therefore, these waves cannot heat the bulk of 0.01, kinetic effects can already be important [Araneda el al., 2008 

Effects of heavy ion temperature on low-frequency kinetic

by L Yang 2011 Cited by 2 For the specified parameters, low-frequency (( heavy ion gyrofrequency) kinetic Alfvén waves (KAWs) with sub- and super-Alfvénic speeds are found to coexist 

A Review of Laboratory Investigations of Space Plasma Waves

by WE Amatucci 2006 Cited by 9 magnetized plasmas, Alfven waves playa key role in the propagation kinetic effects due to the finite ion gyroradius were important. UCLA LAPD [Large Plasma 

Kinetic Alfven waves are associated with various - Dynamic Earth

Kinetic Alfven waves are associated with various physical mechanisms in the in wave observations of current missions and study the effect of heavy ions.

Stochastic proton heating by kinetic-Alfvén-wave turbulence in

by IW Hoppock 2018 Cited by 17 (AW) and kinetic-Alfvén-wave (KAW) turbulence, which may make an important contribution to 1We neglect the mass density of electrons and heavy ions. Because we are considering the effects of just the gyroscale AW/KAW eddies, vR.

Linear and nonlinear dispersive Alfvén waves in two-ion

by RT Faria Jr 1998 Cited by 9 On the dispersion relation for the kinetic Alfvén wave in an inhomogeneous plasma frequency is assumed to lie between the gyrofrequencies of the light and heavy ion impurities. effects,1 3 such as the perpendicular parallel inertial force.

Effects of Heavy Ions on Kinetic Alfvén Waves∗

by L YANG 2005 Cited by 7 In this paper, effects of heavy ion species on KAWs are studied in a low-beta Key words: space plasma, heavy ions, kinetic Alfvén wave, dispersion relation.


shocks, magnetic reconnection and kinetic Alfven wave which shows the large space-scale, and low frequency plasma phenomena where kinetic effects Tanaka, M., Simulations of heavy ion heating by electromagnetic ion cyclotron.


by D Malaspina Cited by 16 Kinetic Alfven Waves and Particle Response Associated with a the Alfvén speed is greater than electron or ion thermal speeds and wave parallel of shock impacts in the inner magnetosphere (e.g. Wygant et al. strong agreement across the frequency band, and both approach the measured Alfvén.